Wine Serving Temperatures:

The temperature at which a wine is served has an immense impact on its taste. Serving wine cool will mask some imperfections—good for young or cheap wine—while a warmer wine temperature allows expression of the wine's characteristics—best with an older or more expensive wine.

White and rose should be served at 55 degrees F, while reds should be chilled, but not cold and not room temperature, 63 to 65 degrees is perfect for most red wines.

Decanting Wine:

Decanting is pouring wine into a decorative container before serving. Decanting is typically only necessary for older wines or Ports, which contain sediment that can add bitterness to the wine. Wine decanters allow the wine to breathe and may improve the flavor of older red wines.

Pouring Wine:

Still wines should be poured towards the centre of the glass, while sparkling wines should be poured against the side to preserve bubbles. To control drips, twist the bottle slightly as you tilt it upright.

When pouring wine, fill the glass no more than two-thirds. This will allow your guests to swirl the wine, and smell the bouquet. A glass can always be refilled if desired.

Wine Glasses:

As important as wine-serving temperatures is the type of wine glasses in which wines are served. The shape of a wine glass can impact the taste and the aroma of the wine, and for this reason different types of wine are served in different glasses.



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